About the Asylum

Stars fans can’t always attend games. We can’t always be in Dallas. In fact, with Dallas being such a transient city it is likely Stars fans are more likely to congregate on the internet than they are in person simply because on the internet there are more of us and we can be more easily vocal here.

This is the point of the Stars Asylum. We’re not trying to be a social network, you already have those. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – you’re already there. There’s even an overwhelming amount of blogs out there to get you news on the team. Player profiles, game previews and recaps, season prognostications (I mean, sure, it’s fun to do, but you don’t need another seer telling you how they think the team will do). Yes, we may step into these areas, but that’s not our focus. The Stars Asylum is here for you.

We want you to tell your story: why are you a Stars fan? What makes you bleed green? What is your favorite hockey memory?

We want you to express your fandom: Always wanted to see a t-shirt that makes fun of Buffalo? Or one that supports your undying love of Philippe Boucher? Tell us your ideas and we’ll see what we can do to make your designs a reality!

We are here to show the world what makes a Stars fan tick!

About your Wardens

King AndyAndy Heflin is the red-headed middle step-child. He’s also a huge Dallas Stars fan that’s too lazy to give me an actual bio … so … that is all. You might have seen him walking around the arena with a giant green mohawk – usually in five giant points, though this one time around Christmas it was an actual lighted Christmas tree. haha – good times.


Jay Leask saw his first Dallas Stars game in 2005 – until then he was a wandering fan of Hockey with no guidance or home team. However, his new friends and this “new” team gave him reason to build an allegiance. He quickly became a season seat holder and fell in love with the arena, the organization, and the players. A fondness for hard work and defensive strategy, Jay became a fan of Philip Boucher and Stephan Robidas.

A year later Jay and his friend founded The Dallas Stars Podcast (unaffiliated from the Dallas Stars, though it created relationships that would enable much more) and took on the moniker “The Wall”. Soon thereafter he and his co-host, hoping to cover auditions for the Stars Fanatics for the podcast, became a founding member of the Stars Fanatics and spent three years as the organization’s President before leaving Dallas.

Although he no longer can attend games in person he stays connected through his relationships, and of course Game Center Live.

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