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While most Old School Stories are about specific instances and moments within Stars history, for me, that’s not what makes me bleed green. Sure, Brenden skating at full speed down the ice with the grin of a five-year-old on Christmas Day after scoring the game winner in the, what, third overtime (sorry, fourth) against the Sharks in the playoffs … yeah, that was awesome … but that’s just single a moment that gets me excited.

No, not for me. I mean, my blood bleeds green, sure! I love the Stars. Leaving Dallas was made infinitely harder in 2010 because of my fandom for the Dallas Stars, yes; but I can watch them on TV – well, the internet thanks to Game Center Live on

Stars Fanatics Scarves in 332

Dallas ‘Til I Die
Stars Fanatics Scarves in section 332

No, for me it’s you. I bleed green because of the friends I’ve made and the fans I’ve met because of the Stars. I bleed green because my wife and I met at a Stars Fanatics watching party. I bleed green because of Stars Vadar, Bunny, Mohawk Andy, Drummer Boy, Jeff K, Bill Oellermann, Scooter, Whaler Jim, and so many more.

In order to help capture this in more of a specific moment I wanted to focus on a few things that come to mind when I think of what makes me bleed green. To start, the Stars Fanatics. Founded as the Havoc Fanatics, section 332 downright solidified my fandom. I was a fan beforehand. I ran a podcast with my good friend and we had a lot of fun every week bull-shitting about our Stars. However, until I stood in section 332 and learned what it was like to be a cog in the machine cheering, chanting, singing, and otherwise causing as much shenanigans as possible for my team … that’s when I became the fan I am today. The picture above is one of many group photos taken of the Fanatics showing our pride – the “Dallas ‘Til I Die” scarves simply stating what each of us felt. In a war we would fight for the Stars and in the Arena that’s what we did. In addition to the above I wanted to share this video – a TV spot focused on the Fanatics when the Stars were trying to build the in-game craziness. I love these people and I know there were detractors – but these were my people.

Video Credit Jeff K

Speaking of my people. This is Devin Pike and he is absolutely crazy-person – I should know, he officiated my marriage. This was a prototype video we shot for the Stars Fanatics early on. I loved this video and one day I may try to convince some of our diehard inmates to restart the series. My paint was always complex and required a bunch of different brushes and colors, but I ways totally jealous of Devin’s simple yet completely appropriate paint job – and how little time it took to put on.

Video credit Devin Pike

The following non-Stars Fanatics video just seemed appropriate to share here. Stars fans aren’t all crazy, but many are (I’m not talking the cocaine and boob job crowd in the lower bowl, I’m talking about actual fans). And those that are aren’t just crazy in the arena – this video is exactly the creativity and fun attitude that brings me back time and time again.

Video credit Matthew Mahn

All in all I love my Stars and I have no intention of ever giving my loyalties to another team – I’ll cheer for whoever our captain is and whatever knucklehead player we trade for. I’ll support Joe and I’ll even suffer through years (and years … and years) without playoffs. I do this because I love the Stars – but mostly because I love the fans. The Old School Stories on this website are my favorite part of the week (next to, you know, my daughter taking her first steps or whatever). I love the Stars so much that, as you can see below, even my daughter will be Dallas ‘Til She Dies :)

Leask Family Portrait, August 2012

Leask Family Portrait, August 2012

About Jay Leask: Jay Leask saw his first Dallas Stars game in 2005 – until then he was a wandering fan of Hockey with no guidance or home team. However, his new friends and this “new” team gave him reason to build an allegiance. He quickly became a season seat holder and fell in love with the arena, the organization, and the players. A fondness for hard work and defensive strategy, Jay became a fan of Philip Boucher and Stephan Robidas. A year later Jay and his friend founded The Dallas Stars Podcast (unaffiliated from the Dallas Stars, though it created relationships that would enable much more) and took on the moniker “The Wall”. Soon thereafter he and his co-host, hoping to cover auditions for the Stars Fanatics for the podcast, became a founding member of the Stars Fanatics and spent three years as the organization’s President before leaving Dallas. Although he no longer can attend games in person he stays connected through his relationships, and of course Game Center Live.

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