Final Stars Game Has Gone INSANE!!!


Hello Inmates!

I didn’t think this could happen for a 3rd time but it has. We are doing a group night for the final Stars game of the season. This game is on Friday, April 11th. We are playing against the Blues.



Now if you have taken part in our other INSANE group nights you know how this game is played. If you are new to the insanity here we go!!

These are lower bowl seats. We will be in sections 111-114. Various seats.

The price. I can’t post it here. Yup, that’s right. This deal is so great I am not allowed to post it here. You have to trust me here. YOU WANT TO JOIN THIS GROUP.

These are limited tickets. During our last 2 INSANE group night we had over 300 inmates PER GAME! We don’t have that may for this game. We do have 250! So here are the rules!

1) No posting the price online. This is a VERY special price. This price will upset people who paid more for their seats. So DO NOT post the price online.

2) These are for fans. These aren’t for resale. If the Stars start seeing these pop up online for a profit, they can turn off the bar code. We have followed this rule so far and that’s part of the reason we have Benn offered this deal again.

3)Be loud and proud. This is fan appreciation night. We are the type that they want. We impressed them enough so far that they offered us this INSANE deal for one last game.

4) Because we have a limited number of available tickets we have changed things up a little. Before you can order your tickets, I will need you phone number, email, first and last name, and the number of tickets you will need. These are to prevent you missing out on this game. We had this problem with the last game. Someone had wanted tickets but their contact info was wrong and their card didn’t work. They missed out. This is not for me. It will be sent to our ticket rep. If your name is not on the list you will not be able to get tickets.

These tickets will be first come first served. When they are gone they are gone. I will send out the email with the contact info and password this weekend. Also be sure to add my email to your address book to make sure any reply doesn’t go into your spam folder.

Asylum side

If you want to know the price or if you want to sign up for this group or have any questions  email me at or on twitter or facebook.

For the fans. By the fans. Because of the fans.

Warden Andy

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