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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Completed!

by Jay Leask
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Asked and Answered. Thanks Erik!

And thanks to everyone who donated and helped make this an extra-special rendition of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We appreciate the opportunity to join in the fun and now pass the challenge on:

  • D’Ann Faught – our favorite Dallas Stars ticket rep who helps us organize to get AMAZING deals at the arena.
  • May Day – the masked crusader, soon to immortalized in comic book form.
  • Speedbump Joey – Stars Asylum Inmate and co-founder of Lone Star Legion, the FC Dallas supporters group.

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Quick Fundraiser to Strike Out ALS

by Jay Leask
Ice Bucket Challenge

In case you’ve been sitting under a rock somewhere the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral the past few weeks and brings awareness to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. Between July 29 and August 12 the ALS Association raised $4 million in donations, compared to $1.12 million in the same period last year.

Well, we’re very happy to be part of the craze! Saturday we got challenged by Erik Morton of Stars Insider. After a quick conference of the Wardens we’ve decided to have a little fun with it. We’re going to extend the 24 hours a little bit in the interest of getting a few extra dollars to the ALSA.

Here’s where you come in: Donate $10 to the ALSA via their website at and we will add a gallon of ice water to the challenge. Simply email a copy of the receipt and we’ll add it to the tally! Easy as that – want to see Warden Andy swimming in a pool of ice water … well … get donating and don’t forget to send Warden Jay the receipt. And to add a little to the fun, the highest donation will be SAFE from being challenged by Warden Andy.

There it is. Now, head over to the ALSA website and donate today – the ice bucket drops on Monday at 1pm central – you don’t want to miss getting in on this!

Duck Hunting: Call for Old School Stories

by Jay Leask
Duck Season

It’s Duck Hunting season and this is a SERIES now! Starting tonight it’s best-of-three, a task that doesn’t seem so insurmountable after our two-game homestand. What do you think?

In honor of the best-of-three series what are your favorite Duck Hunting stories? The Finish Flash? The Niedermayer Brothers (Brothers Forever, AMIRITE)? JSG? Nintendo’s Duck Hunt? (I’m a fan of my wife’s duck-noose, personally)

So – what’s your story? Email with your story or if you already have an account on the site post it! We’ll be publishing Duck Hunting stories for the next week.

Warden Jay

Another Watching Party And Free Shipping!

by andyheflin

Hello inmates!!

I want to start by thanking everyone that made it out to our watching party Sunday. It was a blast. A special thanks to Wittens for bring in some extra workers to make sure we were taken care of! Everyone had such a great time we have decided to do it again! Same place just a week later! So this coming Sunday, April 13th, we will be BACK at Wittens to cheer on our boys in the final game of the season. We will have even more prizes to give away! Puck drops at 8, party starts at 7. Directions can be found right HERE. So come out and help us support our team as they make the final push to that non golf time. (not saying it until we are in it!) Wittens is a family friendly, smoke free establishment that took great care of us last weekend and I’m sure they will do it again! I also wanted to let you know that the Stars have taken notice of how many people we got out there this past Sunday. I think they are starting to understand that there are fans West of Dallas! So Lehts make this one even BIGGER! I will also have some scarves with me at the watching party for anyone interested.

watching party

Second. From April 8th until April 16th if you order 2 or more products from our shirt shop (doesn’t include scarves) you can get FREE shipping! Just use promo code SPRING14 at check out!

As always if you need anything or have any questions you can reach us on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, or you can email me direct at Thanks to everyone for the GREAT showing of support!


Lehts Go STARS,

Warden Andy

Stars Watching Party WEST of Dallas!!

by andyheflin

Hello inmates,

As many of you know, the Official Dallas Stars watching parties haven’t made in west of Dallas this season. This has upset a good amount of people, myself included. I had hoped after the Stars had their training camp in Fort Worth some of their watching parties would have moved that way as well, but no such luck.

So we have taken upon ourselves to do it. So this Sunday , April 6th, at 4 pm we will be having our own watching party! I listen to a lot of suggestions on where we should do this. In the end we picked Witten’s Grill and Sports Pub. It is located here. It is by North East Mall.


Now, what watching party would be complete without PRIZES? We will have drawing for some for some great prizes! But you have to be there to win! We will also have  scarves for sale or pick up.



Now this is a very important watching party. We want to show that there are hockey fans West of Dallas. This is a good way to show the team that we are here and we want them to join us out here! So spread the word. Get your friends and family to join us. This is going to be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Puck drop is at 4. I plan on being out there by 3:30. If you have any question Leht us know. You can message us on Facebook , Twitter, or you can email me at

Lehts Go Stars!


Warden Andy


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