Guidelines for posting Old School Stories

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So, you’re interested in sharing one of your Old School Stories with other Stars fans; this is great! By following some of these simple guidelines we will be able to review your story more quickly and get it published to the masses – that’s the goal, right?

Tags help people find your stories – sure on the first day your story is the top article on the website, but what about next week, or next year? If someone comes back twelve months after you’ve posted your story and they want to see all Old School Stories that are specific to 1998 wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to do this? By tagging your story with some of the same tags others use it will help surface your content. Curious what tags to use? Try looking at some of the existing posts – or check out some of these tag categories that we suggest you consider:

  • Teams you are writing about such as “Anaheim Ducks” or “Detroit Red Wings.” Don’t use nicknames and try to remember to use the entire team name. If the team changed the name or location (aka Mighty Ducks to Ducks or Winnipeg Jets) use the name and location they were using at that time.
  • Player Names that are discussed in your story. Don’t worry about the passing mention of someone, but if the story is about Roman Turek or Brenden Morrow then tag them! Be sure to use their entire name and capitalize it appropriately. Nicknames are great, but not everyone uses the same nicknames! For shame …
  • The Date of your story. Is this about a specific year (1998) or date (October 31 1998)? Maybe about an entire season (98-99) or even just the playoffs (1999 Playoffs). Others may be telling stories from the same date; this helps bring them together!
  • Subject Matter is important too. Maybe you’re talking about your origin story, why you face paint, or a specific hockey arena. Be sure to tag it. Some tags that have been used in this category include: face paint, watching party, Reunion Arena, fan history, and fan appreciation.

Grammar and Spelling
Built into this website we have a proofreader – it’s great! It doesn’t care if you have a middle school education or a PhD in English, it will give you suggestions when you submit your story for things that may be misspelled or poorly phrased. Take a look at those suggestions before you submit because that will make the process much more smooth. If we get a story with a lot of grammar mistakes it may fall down the list of stories to be published – if it’s really bad we may send you an email asking you to take another look at it before we review it. We all have different backgrounds and skills, bt we r nt rtng 4 twtr, we’re writing for each other.

Be Original
If you are not telling your own story consider whether or not you should be telling it at all. We welcome all stories but if we find the originality of your story suspect we may reach back out to you for more details – we’re not trying to get anyone in trouble or question your loyalty, we simply want to make sure that no one is stealing anyone else’s stories. If you are purposefully telling someone else’s story give them credit! Say who they are, or if they don’t want their name published tell people in the story itself that you are telling the story on behalf on someone who wishes to remain anonymous. The number of questions that will come up later if your story is claimed as someone else’s won’t be worth it. We’ll stand behind you, unless proof is provided against you, but no one wants that fight.

Respect Copyrights
Speaking of originality – respect copyrights of not only stories but photographs and videos. If you are using someone else’s photograph, video, or anything else be sure to give them credit within or at the end of your story. Try to provide a link to the original source too, if that’s appropriate. Digital information can be owned by someone and while it might limit us from time to time it’s better than a lawsuit or a cease and desist order – we’ve all seen it before, and no one wants to see it here. Speaking of copyrights – if you are the legal owner of something used on this website please email us immediately – – and we will do our best to help sort out any issues.

This list of considerations may grow over time and if you have any suggestions send them to our editor – – This website is about and for the fans; we take all suggestions seriously and will work with you to make sure we understand what you want out of this site!

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