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Ed Belfour Stick in Display Case

Although I myself am a fairly new Stars fan, just 6 years now, my husband has been a Stars fan since they came to Dallas in 1993. The true reason he is such a Stars fan would have to be because of Ed Belfour. He is my husband’s absolute favorite player with Mike Modano obviously being a very close second. My husband told me Belfour was the reason he started playing hockey, and the reason he worked so hard to become a goalie.

It was an incredible experience for me seeming him when he came for the 20th anniversary game in which they honored him last year! It was incredible to see my husband get chills watching Belfour’s highlight video and see him coming out on the ice he was completely speechless!

Ed Belfour Stick

Ed Belfour Stick – Jason’s Birthday Gift

Seeing how much this man had impacted my husband’s life I went searching to find something to do with Belfour that I could give Josh for his birthday…and I found it! I was able to find a signed goalie stick of Belfour’s from the 1999 Stanley Cup Season! I had my Dad make up a really nice case for it and gave it to Josh on his birthday! I don’t think he has ever been that happy with a present!

So now we have added Old School Stars memorabilia to our ever growing display for THE best team in the NHL! Go Stars!!!!!

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