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My ’99 Cup Memory

by John Fernandez
Modano and Hull, 99 Cup Parade Credit: Jim Mahoney / dallasnews.com

My memory started that afternoon. At the time i was a sacker at a Grocery Store, and was scheduled to work that night;however, I called in sick so I could stay with my cousin and watch Game 6. I was so excited and nervous, little did I know that I could`ve gone to work, come home and the game would still be going on, who knew?

Anyway, I was with my Cousin, his friend and my nephew, When Hull scored I was so happy I cried, I`m not ashamed to admit I cried; it was the best feeling in the world. I was so relieved and so happy. The way our guys hung in there – fought – not once did I fall asleep, not even after midnight; I was so jacked up and nervous.

It was after that that I gained a new respect for Goalie Dominick Hasek – for him to do what he did with the deadly firepower that we had and for him to stand up and literally stand on his head and nearly stop everything we threw at him. I took my hat off to him; he was a great goalie. definitely one of the best.

But that night belonged to My Boys. I was never so proud of them as I was that night. I did attend the Victory Parade two days later. It was even more exciting (I`m sorry to say) than the 3 Cowboys victory parades I’ve been to.


featured photo: Modano and Hull, 99 Cup Parade – credit: Jim Mahoney @ dallasnews.com

New shirt! 6-20-99 Just the tip!!

by Jay Leask
Come on, Buffalo, it's just the tip! June 20, 1999.

Come on, Buffalo, it’s just the tip! June 20, 1999.

The date was June 20, 1999. The players were exhausted. The fans were tired from a long series, or was it simply a long night?

This goal redefined rules. It broke hearts. It won the most storied championship trophy in professional sports. And if you ask anyone from Buffalo, NY, it shouldn’t have counted.

But it did, and while the man who scored it never said this exactly couldn’t you just picture his smirk, the twinkle in his eye, and the laughter in his voice as he said “Come on Buffalo, it’s just the TIP!”

June 20, 1999. One of the best days in Dallas Stars history. This shirt may be nearly 13 years late but wear it proud to the next Buffalo game – they still hate us for it!

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