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MORE shirts and they are STILL on SALE!

by andyheflin

We added several shirts just the other day and now we have decided to throw some more out there!! We are going to call these our “inspired collection”.

We have added our LIMITED EDITION Modano night shirt. A super hero inspired shirt. You MAY have seen him around the AAC! Finally, we added a couple of hashtag inspired shirts.





Those were on top of the great shirts we added just the other day!

Also our sale is still going on! From now until March 4th you can get $10 off any order of $50 or more. Just enter coupon code  POTOFGOLD !!!

So be sure to check out our great store! As with all of our shirts they come in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes PLUS you can pick the color!


If you have any questions feel free to let us now. You can reach us on twitter or facebook. You can email me at wardenandy@starsaylum.com too.



Warden Andy


Jason and the Eagle

by Nicole Gray
Ed Belfour Stick in Display Case

Although I myself am a fairly new Stars fan, just 6 years now, my husband has been a Stars fan since they came to Dallas in 1993. The true reason he is such a Stars fan would have to be because of Ed Belfour. He is my husband’s absolute favorite player with Mike Modano obviously being a very close second. My husband told me Belfour was the reason he started playing hockey, and the reason he worked so hard to become a goalie.

It was an incredible experience for me seeming him when he came for the 20th anniversary game in which they honored him last year! It was incredible to see my husband get chills watching Belfour’s highlight video and see him coming out on the ice he was completely speechless!

Ed Belfour Stick

Ed Belfour Stick – Jason’s Birthday Gift

Seeing how much this man had impacted my husband’s life I went searching to find something to do with Belfour that I could give Josh for his birthday…and I found it! I was able to find a signed goalie stick of Belfour’s from the 1999 Stanley Cup Season! I had my Dad make up a really nice case for it and gave it to Josh on his birthday! I don’t think he has ever been that happy with a present!

So now we have added Old School Stars memorabilia to our ever growing display for THE best team in the NHL! Go Stars!!!!!

My ’99 Cup Memory

by John Fernandez
Modano and Hull, 99 Cup Parade Credit: Jim Mahoney / dallasnews.com

My memory started that afternoon. At the time i was a sacker at a Grocery Store, and was scheduled to work that night;however, I called in sick so I could stay with my cousin and watch Game 6. I was so excited and nervous, little did I know that I could`ve gone to work, come home and the game would still be going on, who knew?

Anyway, I was with my Cousin, his friend and my nephew, When Hull scored I was so happy I cried, I`m not ashamed to admit I cried; it was the best feeling in the world. I was so relieved and so happy. The way our guys hung in there – fought – not once did I fall asleep, not even after midnight; I was so jacked up and nervous.

It was after that that I gained a new respect for Goalie Dominick Hasek – for him to do what he did with the deadly firepower that we had and for him to stand up and literally stand on his head and nearly stop everything we threw at him. I took my hat off to him; he was a great goalie. definitely one of the best.

But that night belonged to My Boys. I was never so proud of them as I was that night. I did attend the Victory Parade two days later. It was even more exciting (I`m sorry to say) than the 3 Cowboys victory parades I’ve been to.


featured photo: Modano and Hull, 99 Cup Parade – credit: Jim Mahoney @ dallasnews.com

The New Stars Jersey. Or, We All Love the D

by andyheflin

I was going to write about our new jerseys last night but I figured that it would be a good idea to sleep on it – plus my finger hurts from repeatedly hitting the refresh button on twitter. I think we just witnessed an end and a beginning all in one evening.

First. The end of the Tom Hicks Stars. With the release of our new jerseys it officially ends the roller coaster ride of being a team owned by Hicks. Personally, I am happy to see it end. He brought us embarrassment for the way he ran the team we love into the ground. It took a court to pry this team away from him. He donned them in the jersey that must not be named. But he also gave us the brightest moment in our history: The Cup. He decided to bring in the final pieces to get us the only black banner in the AAC. He also gave us one of, if not the, greatest jerseys in our history (and the only other green one).

Second. The link to the North Stars. Many people only know the North Stars for their N logo. But a before they made the trek southward they changed their logo to the logo the Stars have been using sans the DALLAS. We have never really had our own logo, Heck I don’t think that was ever a true logo. Our new one is for Dallas. The announcement of the retiring of Modano’s iconic #9 will also sever the final tie to the State Of Hockey. He was the last player here to have played for the North Stars. Maybe the folks up north can finally move on and forgive us for “stealing” their team.Yeah, I doubt it too.

Third. The team that was here when Tom Gaglardi bought the team. We are no longer the team that fought the Sharks for hours to win at 1:30 in the morning. We aren’t even the same team that missed the playoff for the last few years. Gone, is our captain since 2006, a fan favorite agitator, a leading scorer and several other familiar faces. In their place is a group of fresh faced “kids”. Players who have fought their way up here from Austin. The final piece to this transition is going to be the naming of our new captain. Like most people I think it is going to be Benn even though I think he isn’t quite ready for it.

Finally, the jersey itself. It is a basic sleek design; I like it. Like a lot of people it has grown on me since first seeing it. I like the fact that they kept the Texas outline, even though I would have liked to see it as a shoulder patch and not just a pant logo. The green is nice; it is close to the old Hartford Whalers colors or even a North Dakota jersey. The stripes on the bottom remind me a lot of the jerseys they wore at Reunion Arena. The lose of the gold doesn’t really bother me; it worked on the old one but I think it wouldn’t work on the new ones.  The logo is ok; not great but not painfully hideous. I think we will come to love it in time like we will love our new players. The laces I think have been a little over used in the NHL over the past few years. I like them on retro jerseys but not a big fan of them of newer ones. They tried an over stimulating jersey with the one that must not be named. They tried a very basic jersey in the black ones. I think they have found a great middle ground in these. I look forward to getting them both.

Dallas Till I Die

Warden Andy

Playoffs?! Yeah, I’m Talkin ’bout Playoffs!

by Sami Hage
Todd Marchant upsets Andy Moog and the Dallas Stars in the 1997 Stanley cup playoffs

Since we won’t be seeing anymore hockey this month or next, let’s reminisce (again) about some of our favorite post season times here in Dallas while we trust our fearless leaders to take us into the playoffs next year. It was hard to find pre-1999 clips so this is what I can show you in words and pictures. Here are just three of my more memorable moments (besides the given game six in Buffalo in 1999), let’s hear some of yours too!

-Game 4 of the Western Conference Quarter Finals in 1999. The Stars swept the Edmonton Oilers that night in one of the longest games this franchise has ever seen (longest at that time for both teams). Despite Dallas winning all four games in this series, I remember it being a tough, grueling one. This overtime winner deflected off of Joe Niewendyk to get past Tommy Salo. 56 shots….56. Insane. Here’s the post game from that night which includes an analysis by the young Ralph and Razor duo.

-The next year, the Stars made a huge run to the finals and faced the red hot New Jersey Devils. The series was not ideal for Dallas from the beginning. With New Jersey up 3-1, the Stars were facing elimination in New Jersey. Mike Modano stepped up and ended it to extend the series to a game six (lost in overtime) as we endured another late night of cut-throat hockey. Here’s a recap.

-This last one brings us back to our last taste of playoff hockey in recent memory. I think you might know where I am going with this one. Facing and defeating division opponent San Jose in the Western Conference Semi-Finals was not expected of the fifth seed Stars in 2008, but with an early series lead, the Stars had a few opportunities to close out the Sharks. It was yet another very long night for many of us. Many things stand out in this game. The goal tending was elite, the excitement was end to end, even in overtime. We saw our former captain in Brendan Morrow at his best. His mammoth hit on Michalek at the end of regulation set the tone for the overtime periods, and not to mention his clutch game winning goal in the fourth overtime. I would just show that goal, but the clinic put on by Turco and Nabokov needs to be done justice as well. The energy was surreal in the AAC. See it for yourself below.


What playoff moments stand out for you in the past 20 years of Stars’ hockey?

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