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Another Watching Party And Free Shipping!

by andyheflin

Hello inmates!!

I want to start by thanking everyone that made it out to our watching party Sunday. It was a blast. A special thanks to Wittens for bring in some extra workers to make sure we were taken care of! Everyone had such a great time we have decided to do it again! Same place just a week later! So this coming Sunday, April 13th, we will be BACK at Wittens to cheer on our boys in the final game of the season. We will have even more prizes to give away! Puck drops at 8, party starts at 7. Directions can be found right HERE. So come out and help us support our team as they make the final push to that non golf time. (not saying it until we are in it!) Wittens is a family friendly, smoke free establishment that took great care of us last weekend and I’m sure they will do it again! I also wanted to let you know that the Stars have taken notice of how many people we got out there this past Sunday. I think they are starting to understand that there are fans West of Dallas! So Lehts make this one even BIGGER! I will also have some scarves with me at the watching party for anyone interested.

watching party

Second. From April 8th until April 16th if you order 2 or more products from our shirt shop (doesn’t include scarves) you can get FREE shipping! Just use promo code SPRING14 at check out!

As always if you need anything or have any questions you can reach us on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, or you can email me direct at wardenandy@starsasylum.com. Thanks to everyone for the GREAT showing of support!


Lehts Go STARS,

Warden Andy

Stars Watching Party WEST of Dallas!!

by andyheflin

Hello inmates,

As many of you know, the Official Dallas Stars watching parties haven’t made in west of Dallas this season. This has upset a good amount of people, myself included. I had hoped after the Stars had their training camp in Fort Worth some of their watching parties would have moved that way as well, but no such luck.

So we have taken upon ourselves to do it. So this Sunday , April 6th, at 4 pm we will be having our own watching party! I listen to a lot of suggestions on where we should do this. In the end we picked Witten’s Grill and Sports Pub. It is located here. It is by North East Mall.


Now, what watching party would be complete without PRIZES? We will have drawing for some for some great prizes! But you have to be there to win! We will also have  scarves for sale or pick up.



Now this is a very important watching party. We want to show that there are hockey fans West of Dallas. This is a good way to show the team that we are here and we want them to join us out here! So spread the word. Get your friends and family to join us. This is going to be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Puck drop is at 4. I plan on being out there by 3:30. If you have any question Leht us know. You can message us on Facebook , Twitter, or you can email me at wardenandy@starsasylum.com

Lehts Go Stars!


Warden Andy


Hockey Fights Cancer – This Time Its Personal

by Matt Day
Better than a surgical mask

“Welcome to the American Airlines Center” That is what I read as my backside laid at center ice and I stared at the arena ceiling, with thousands of people laughing at me and my Ice Girl crush in the corner of my eye looking disappointed as she said “Oh, Matt!” I had made a pretty poor attempt at musical chairs during an intermission of a preseason game in 2010. What no one else realized is that I was having trouble even standing and walking at that point. That moment was my rock bottom. I could no longer deny that there was something seriously wrong with me. I was weak and as I got up from the ice I noticed that my skin was the same color as the ice. I finally stopped making excuses and went to the doctor. The next day the doctor sent me to the emergency room and a few days following that, I was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. As we began “Hockey Fights Cancer” month my battle had already started.

I could tell my oncologist was nervous when he sat us down to tell us the news and a little shocked at my reaction. I found it a relief that they knew what the problem was. I knew it was going to be a long and difficult road but I relied on a philosophy I learned from my grandfather. There is a path laid before you and you must take that path. You can’t take it kicking, screaming, whining, and complaining or you can lift your head up and take it like a man. No one will fault you either way, but really how do you want to be remembered? That attitude my faith, family,  and friends helped more than you can imagine. This is the story of my Stars family and how they supported me during this most trying time.

I was too weak and my blood volume was too low for surgery. To build me up I was given one liter of an iron solution every day for two weeks. I got the nickname of Ironman around the clinic. The time came for surgery and my surgeon wanted to have it as soon as I could. He scheduled me for October 14, 2010. I saw that it was the day of the Stars home opener and the return of Mike Modano as a Redwing. I told my doctor if he truly wanted me to be in good spirits for the surgery he would postpone the surgery and allow me to make that game. He agreed and so I made plans to go to what I thought could be my last game.

The Stars started their season on the road which meant my first opportunity to speak to members of my Stars family in person would be at a watching party. I learned that if I told my friends and family in person and I stayed calm that it went over much better.  I did that for all but one group of friends that night. Word spread around the restaurant and had reached the Ice Girls. I knew we got a long but I didn’t realized how close I was to that special group of ladies until that night. I’m still sorry for making it so difficult for their director to keep a smile on their face all night. That night, the encouragement, and support they have given me ever since is why I will always look out for them.

It was time for the opener and the Stars Fanatics had a pregame tailgate party. It was there that I received the greatest hockey gift ever. The group had gone to practices and had the Stars team autograph an inflatable butt cushion. I deeply cherish that gift even today. That game was one of the best and most memorable games I’ve been too in my 18 plus years as a season ticket holder.

Matt's Team Signed Cushion

Matt’s Team Signed Cushion

At first it was thought that I would only need to have surgery to have a golf ball sized tumor removed. After opening me up they realized it was a puck sized tumor, I lost a third of my colon and I would need chemotherapy. I received several visits from coworkers, friends, and family including my Stars family, but I always seemed to get an encouraging message just at the right time from. The night before having my medical port put in I was feeling really down and couldn’t sleep. I looked at my phone and I had a Facebook message from Celena Rae who had just learned of my struggles. It was a long, touching letter that cheered me up to the point I could sleep. The same thing happened the night before I was to start chemotherapy but this time it was from my favorite Ice Girl who also had just found out. She told me the encouraging story of her friend who had gone through the same thing. It seemed as if I was receiving the encouragement I needed just when I needed it. It came from many sources but in this case from my Stars family.

The support I received on game days was overwhelming. It started with my favorite bartender and my pregame restaurant that wouldn’t serve me a beer without a doctor’s note. Then there was the pregame hugs and kind words I was given when making my rounds. A friend would also sneak homemade cookies into the arena for me. However, the greatest lasting encouragement came from another source.

Part of my chemotherapy required me taking a pump home or my “poison to go box” as I called it. There would be nights were I would have to carry this to the games and watching parties with me. To be safe I would need to wear a surgical mask when in public to protect my weak immune system. Walking through a dollar store looking for masks I noticed a little girl with a cast that was signed by her friends. I also noticed a different kind of mask on the shelf. I bought a Jason style goalie mask and decided I would rather be known as the crazy guy at games than the sick one. I brought a marker so that my friends could sign it and I could hang it up on the wall for the times I was sick, home alone, and feeling down. The masks caught on and before too long I had a wall full of masks some of which were decorated for me. It was such a touching gesture.

I am now three years cancer free and couldn’t be more appreciative of the Stars organization and what they have meant to me. From my fellow fans, my Ice Girl sisters, players, and those in the front office I consider them all my family. When you see me dress up, greet and entertain fans it is just my way of giving back to an organization that has done so much.

I love you all! Go Stars!!!

Fans Gone Wild

by Jay Leask

While most Old School Stories are about specific instances and moments within Stars history, for me, that’s not what makes me bleed green. Sure, Brenden skating at full speed down the ice with the grin of a five-year-old on Christmas Day after scoring the game winner in the, what, third overtime (sorry, fourth) against the Sharks in the playoffs … yeah, that was awesome … but that’s just single a moment that gets me excited.

No, not for me. I mean, my blood bleeds green, sure! I love the Stars. Leaving Dallas was made infinitely harder in 2010 because of my fandom for the Dallas Stars, yes; but I can watch them on TV – well, the internet thanks to Game Center Live on nhl.com.

Stars Fanatics Scarves in 332

Dallas ‘Til I Die
Stars Fanatics Scarves in section 332

No, for me it’s you. I bleed green because of the friends I’ve made and the fans I’ve met because of the Stars. I bleed green because my wife and I met at a Stars Fanatics watching party. I bleed green because of Stars Vadar, Bunny, Mohawk Andy, Drummer Boy, Jeff K, Bill Oellermann, Scooter, Whaler Jim, and so many more.

In order to help capture this in more of a specific moment I wanted to focus on a few things that come to mind when I think of what makes me bleed green. To start, the Stars Fanatics. Founded as the Havoc Fanatics, section 332 downright solidified my fandom. I was a fan beforehand. I ran a podcast with my good friend and we had a lot of fun every week bull-shitting about our Stars. However, until I stood in section 332 and learned what it was like to be a cog in the machine cheering, chanting, singing, and otherwise causing as much shenanigans as possible for my team … that’s when I became the fan I am today. The picture above is one of many group photos taken of the Fanatics showing our pride – the “Dallas ‘Til I Die” scarves simply stating what each of us felt. In a war we would fight for the Stars and in the Arena that’s what we did. In addition to the above I wanted to share this video – a TV spot focused on the Fanatics when the Stars were trying to build the in-game craziness. I love these people and I know there were detractors – but these were my people.

Video Credit Jeff K

Speaking of my people. This is Devin Pike and he is absolutely crazy-person – I should know, he officiated my marriage. This was a prototype video we shot for the Stars Fanatics early on. I loved this video and one day I may try to convince some of our diehard inmates to restart the series. My paint was always complex and required a bunch of different brushes and colors, but I ways totally jealous of Devin’s simple yet completely appropriate paint job – and how little time it took to put on.

Video credit Devin Pike

The following non-Stars Fanatics video just seemed appropriate to share here. Stars fans aren’t all crazy, but many are (I’m not talking the cocaine and boob job crowd in the lower bowl, I’m talking about actual fans). And those that are aren’t just crazy in the arena – this video is exactly the creativity and fun attitude that brings me back time and time again.

Video credit Matthew Mahn

All in all I love my Stars and I have no intention of ever giving my loyalties to another team – I’ll cheer for whoever our captain is and whatever knucklehead player we trade for. I’ll support Joe and I’ll even suffer through years (and years … and years) without playoffs. I do this because I love the Stars – but mostly because I love the fans. The Old School Stories on this website are my favorite part of the week (next to, you know, my daughter taking her first steps or whatever). I love the Stars so much that, as you can see below, even my daughter will be Dallas ‘Til She Dies :)

Leask Family Portrait, August 2012

Leask Family Portrait, August 2012

The 1998 Playoffs – Conference Semi-finals

by Matt Day
This is Part 2 of a three part series about the 1998 Playoffs and “The Best Game I Ever Missed”. See below for Part 1 and watch for Part 3 to come on April 12th, 2013.

2013-04-04 22.53.59-1

The Edmonton Oilers shocked the Stars in seven games in 1997. This would be my chance to finally shake off those feelings from that series. A 3-1 victory was just what I needed to calm my nerves just a bit, but I knew this series was far from over.

Game two brought an act of defiance on my part for I was going to prove superstition wrong. Confident in my Stars I defiantly refused to paint my face. Those who follow superstition enslave themselves to coincidence. I was determined not to let this be my fate. I rolled the dice and lost as my team could not even get one, past Curtis Joseph in a 2-0 loss. After that game I was made to promise that I would not go another playoff game without my war paint.

We returned the favor in-game 3 in a 1-0 shutout in Edmonton. Game four brought another hockey experience that added another dimension to the game. The Stars announced that at the Stars Center in Euless there would be a game watching party. There we would be able to cheer on our Stars when they were on the road. This was a pivotal game and we could use the support of fellow fans like us.

The experience of a crowded room full of strangers, feeling the same intense emotions as me was intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough. The score and momentum went back and forth all game long. We went through every imaginable emotion during that game. When the game ended in a 3-2 Stars victory the room had gone from crowded to cozy and there wasn’t a stranger in the room. You meet your hockey friends at games or online, but at watching parties your Stars friends become Stars family. That is where you truly get to know each other and that was the lesson I was beginning to learn. The next game was just as close as the rest and just as intense as the Stars closed out the Oilers at home. I was finally able to see a series won in person and to be on the happy side of the handshaking ceremony. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. Up next the defending Stanley Cup Champions.

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